Risë Rae McIntosh

FATHER:    Ray Cannon McIntosh
MOTHER:    Jean Thelma Betts McIntosh
BORN:    29JUL 1945
BIRTH PLACE:    Sacramento, California USA, at Sutter Maternity Hospital.
RESIDENCE AT BIRTH:    8 Asbill Court, Davis, California
DIED:   21DEC 1991, Jackson, Mississippi
INTERRED:    ashes interred Serentity Pines, Au Train, Michigan



SON:    Alexander McIntosh, born 09NOV 1973
SON:    Lachlan Ian McIntosh, born 04MAY 1976.
Married 10SEP 2005 to Erica Montgomery in Tupelo, Mississippi

mini biography

As a military dependent Risë lived in many states and four countries. An accomplished artist and free spirit.She was an indomitable advocate for handicap accessibility.

Risë and son Alexander
Risë and brother Michael

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Michael D. McIntosh