Duane Edward McIntosh


FATHER:    Eddie Sherman McIntosh
MOTHER:    Quanah Cannon McIntosh
BORN:    03 MAY 1931
BIRTH PLACE:    Flint, Genesee County, Michigan USA
DIED:   05 Jan 1988
INTERRED:    Oak Hill Cemetery, Ballard, Santa Barbara County, California



Married Joyce, born 05DEC in Goodrich, Michigan, on 20MAR 1953 in Angola, Indiana



DAUGHTER:     Carole         born 12 OCT 1954, Baltimore, MD
DAUGHTER: Janet born 28SEP 1955, Baltimore, MD
SON: Bruce Allen born 12SEP 1958, Ridgecrest, Kern County, CA. Dided 4 Oct 2010
SON: Daniel born 14SEP 1959, Alamogordo, NM

mini biography


From Joyce, 2005:
"...the last Titan was launched from Vandenberg and we heard the rumble and saw the vapor trail. As Steven was home I gave him a mini history lesson on Duane's contribution (they did the guidance system)."

From Micheal McIntosh
He got himself in trouble with the administration of his high school. Even though he paid for his text books, the principle objected to him tearing out the pages. Duane thought that once you read a page it made no sense to carry it back and forth from home to school and back again over and over again. So by the end of the year he was only carrying empty covers.


Patents that I can find right now that General Motors gave him credit for. On his dresser were many more little teak plaques with a silver dollar commemorating a patent owned by GM.
Patent # US4001811 Method and apparatus for coding and decoding digital information

Patent # US3731672 Heart Monitoring Apparatus For A Motor Vehicle

Patent # US3793621A Automatic vehicle brake and directional lights initiator

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Michael D. McIntosh