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Diary of:


Born January 15, 1901
In a little log house in a very beautiful wooded spot near the little country village called Ratliff in Mississippi
(transcription in progress)

May 17, 1948
Old memories---things of long ago, re-copied from an old old diary which I burned.

The whir of the old mowing machine wafted thro the gnarled old apple orchard on a drowsy afternoon---
The aroma of Ma's vegetable garden after a sudden Summer shower---
The smell of the hot rubber rings on the mason jars at canning time---
Going barefoot throught the jimson weed patch---
A dog's comforting bark in the middle of a rainy story night---
Pan of parched peanuts on the back of the old kitchen range---
The big black three legged dutch oven on the hearth full of hot sweet potatoes soft and very sweet. Good eating on cold winter evening.
The big flock of geese waddling down the dust lane of mornings
Of Mac chopping pumpkins into big golden chunks with corn knife for the cows on frosty morning --1918--
Black birds with red splotches following the plow---
The jangle of trace chains, the noise of heavy logging chains --- 1919-1925
The long wobbly baby calf legs---

Childish memories
Wrapping potatoes or eggs in wet paper to roast in hot ashes on the hearth in front of a warm bright fire on long Winter evenings--- The hole in the bottom of the kitchen door at Grand Pa's house for the cat to come in and out.
The old ash hopper where lye was made for making sugar and hominy at Grandma's kitchen.
The pattie of scorched bees wax on the ironing board for myh Mother's old fashioned iron.
The fascinator that was stuffed in the broken pane in the back bedroom window (old home.)
The cool spring box with jugs of cool sweet milk and jars of sweet butter at Ma's house (White Springs.)
The luscious, scrumptious smell of baking bacon rinds in the kitchen range oven --- MMM good nibbling---
Finding a bird's nest in the pocket of an old coat hanging on the picket fence of our garden -- 1915 -- Blossom Farm ---
The old rock hen that came in to lay an egg in the parlor settee--
Grandma's leaf fan with the black calico edging.
Shoving the creaky old rocking chair to the breezy shady corner of the porch for Grandpa.

Mostly 1937
January 1, 1937 Flint, Michigan
Ray and his Dad are rabbit hunting today - it is a very beautiful day. Sun has been shining all day. Aired out all my bedding. Geraldine is spending a few days with Eva, Jimmie is hunting with his B.B. gun. Janet and Duane are having a time using up crayons and paper and Janet is washing up her ten different sized dolls, and me, I'm tired but very happy too this New Years day. Happy New Year.

January 1946
Ray, Jeanne, Rise and Jimmie come home. Jim from camp in Texas. Jim stayed a few days. Ray, Jeanne, and Rise for eight weeks. Miss 'em and love 'em.

January 3, 1937 Michigan
I got this little Diary for a Christmas gift from Ray. So I got my old Diary out and copied some of the things out of it for this Diary -- not all of it just a few things. It would take too ong to write ever thing. Maybe I shouldn't write any of it or any more either but I love to scribble now and then when I find the time which I don't have any time to throw away.

January 5, 1937 Michigan
Had a letter from Ma today and Coreen too. They tried to bawl me out for not writing them for Armon. Guess he's old enough to do his own writing. Vonnie was over - him and Mac snapped at each other. I'm sorry but guess it has to be that way. Vonnie went to see Armon over to Pontiac. He is o.k. Just too lazy to take time to write me. So long.

January 6, 1937
Bonnie is sick. She has pneumonia. She went to the Burley Hospital today. She is on the third floor her room number is 32227 her nurses name is Connie. I went over to Vonnie for awhile tonight. Shortie the dog missed Bonnie and was restless. I hope she will soon be well again and back in school. Mrs. Austin is sick.

January 9, 1937 Saturday
Mac and I went to town there was so much traffic. Geraldine went up to Hurly to see Bonnie. Carried her a lovely pot of hyacinths. She was doing fine. She saw Eva while she was there.

January 10, 1937 Sunday Morning
Mrs. Lawrence brought her new baby boy out to see me. Looked awful sweet in his blue and white blankets. Went over to see Mrs. Austin tonight. She felt some better. Carried her over to bowl of cherries and a big piece of cake and jar of honey and several patties of homemade sausage. Not much to carry a sick person but all I had on hand. It was a cold day a little snow. Connie and Louise were over to play with the children.

January 11, 1937 Monday Morning
It is cold and the sun is shining. I'm doing a very big washing. Mc is still home. The strike is still on in full swing.

January 12, 1937 Tuesday
Buck had dinner with Ray. Had a very good dinner. Baked ham, creamed gravy, boiled rice, potatoes, butter and bread and pumpkin pie. Mc carried us to see the picture "Smilin Thro". I love the picture. I would never get tired of looking at it. Duane and Janet are shaking me hard enough to knock my pen out of my hand. Bonnie came home from Hurley today -- the strike is still on. Jimmie was in a play tonight.

January 13, 1937
It is raining hard tonight. It is very dark. I'm taking a brown sugar loaf cake full of raisins, dates and nuts and spices. Had a letter from Ma. She said she wished she were only close enough to spank me on my birthday, Friday the 15th. She said Sherman Grissom was dead. So sorry to here it. He was a healthy looking man and a good man. Said it was raining there too. Mc is listening to Amos and Andy. Janet and Duane are being funny.

January 15, 1937
Today was my birthday. The children all spanked me and hugged my neck and kissed me too. Mc had to do something so he had to take me to a show. It was very good - the kind he likes. A western the "Heart of the West". Not so very many more gray hairs than last year at this time.

January 17, 1937 Sunday
We went up to the Fisher Body Plant. the strike is still on. The men are still in the Plant and I'm wondering how much longer they will hold on. There was so much traffic believe me. It looks like the working people are beginning to stick together at last.

January 20, 1937 Sunday
Ted was here last night. Looks very feeble. He is out of work. We listened to the President's Inauguration. His speech was fine. It was raining in Washington. It was rainy here. Mc is at the shop setting in. Strike isn't over yet.

January 22, 1937
Went to see the picture "The Plainsman" at the Capitol. I like it very much.

January 22, 1937
Snowing -- carried the children to the show. I can't keep my mind off those poor people through the Mississippi valley. The flood carried everything away and they are sick too, no water, lights or heat. The strike is still holding.

January 24, 1937
Had a good dinner -- lonesome all day.

January 5, 1942
Anyway, I think today is the 5th. It is such an awful day. It will never be very clear in my mind, a little of me died. I was too big a coward to go the station to see him off. I didn't want him to know what a sob sister his mother really is and if I cry can do that alone. It was hard for the lad, too, but he is much braver than I. He is such a good boy this soldier son of mine.

January 27, 1937
The strike is still sitting tight and I'm glad they are. It was a pretty sunshiny day. Armon left Pontiac today. He's been over for a week. The flood down South is awful. Louisville, Kentucky, is under. Cincinnati is about as bad. Cairo, Ill. was almost swept away.

January 14, 1942
The first letter from my soldier son came today saying I've been thru the mill -- classification, uniform, shoes, etc. Leaving Tuesday for Keesler Field, Mississippi. he was writing Sunday, says the food was good, the uniform all right but the coat was too short and not to worry about him. Pvt. R.C. McIntosh, Co. B Fort Custer, Mich.

January 19, 1942
is the day he wrote again saying "Dear Folks finally arrived in Keesler Field, Miss. Hale and hearty, the weather and food fine but the red tape very disgusting. I've given up hope of ever being anything but Pvt., been swimming in the Gulf and my ROTC training didn't help any, and not to worry about him, and the Govt., was going to pay $41.00 a month beginning in March and Love, son Ray.

February 3, 1937
Ray was such a good boy today. He carried his Dad and me to the Palace to see the river picture, "Banjo on my Knee". I enjoyed the picture. Buddy's dancing and poor old pappy's funny rickety contraption. Tony Martin's singing was good. We had a big fat hot dog with lots of pickles onions and mustard and then home to bed. It was a nice outing for me. Good night children.

February 4, 1937
Washed and cleaned today, and was so-so-so tired. Mc carried me to the Realto to see the picture "The Road to Glory" starring June Lang and Frederic March. He's a honey for looks. The strike is still on. We go to the show, to the plant and back. Good night.

February 7, 1937
It was a lovely Sunday. Cold and the sun peeking out now and then. Ray worked today. Armon was still here. We had a very good dinner, chocolate fudge cake, strawberries, jello, creamed potatoes, cole slaw, bread and butter and a tasty meatloaf. I carried Mrs. Austin her dinner over on a tray. She enjoyed it very much. She was feeling better. Ray came home for supper, gone back to work to nite, seems lonesome since he is gone.

February 11, 1937
I'm feeling mighty happy tonight. The strike ended today. No one was killed. No plants were damaged, very much and Fisher Bodys whistle sounded long and loud this afternoon at five thirty and at five forty five men walked out. Everybody in Flint looked happy today. Mc went to the union meeting tonight. Ray went to a party. The children are all in bed asleep. It is now eleven o'clock.

March 22, 1937
Today was a very lovely spring day for Michigan. I was lazy and let the sunny Monday go by and didn't wash. Eva came over -- walked all the way. Said she was lonesome to see me. She was tired and hungry and enjoyed her lunch. Janet came in and said Mrs. Gordon said for me to come over. She was hungry to see me. She has a tiny baby girl. Mrs. Calhoun has a brand new baby boy. Duane wants to go over ans see the Williams twins. They are very cute. I love Mc.

March 23, 1937
I washed and ironed today. The clothes dried nice and baked a spice cake. Went to see Mrs. Maxfield almost, Duane turned around and came back home so I had to come to. Little rascal, I spanked him but light. Guess I love 'em to much to spank very hard.

March 24, 1937
It was a very snowy day. The worked is all white and it's cold. I've been having a lovely time reading. I put my patching and sewing aside. I loved the story "lady with Carnations" a very lovely woman was the Katherine of the story and I liked "Storm over Eden" a story of Southern folks yes, hotheaded, stubborn and loving. Ray is home with a cold. Carried Eva's birthday presents to her last night. She was tickled as a child. Mc the old honey carried me for a ride. I wish sometime I didn't love him so gosh awful much.

March 6, 1937
Gee, I'm just to to tired to even rest tonight. I washed an awful big washing. It was so muddy I needed boots to hang out the clothes. Armon was here. I cut his hair. He had been in a fight and it seems to me three men sure almost killed him. He was black and blue all over. I've just come from the show. Mc carried me to see my favorite actor, Richard Dix in a picture of the future "Transatlantic Tunnel". I liked the picture. Heart aches work and all.

March 12, 1937
Had a lovely surprise this evening. Eva and her children came out for awhile had supper with me. The children had as much fun as Eva did. She had a new picture of Mom and Dad. Mom the big fat angel with her chicken made me want to see her awful bad. Ray was in the minstrel. He did a lot of extra work to. He is such a good boy and Mom loves him a mighty lot.

March 14, 1926 (copied from old diary)
This is another day in my memory as a lovely one to always be remembered. It was in spring, the garden was coming on nicely so were the little chickens and the little calf, and the pig and old Pat the bull dog was fat and sleek and sat back on his hind legs and watched with loving and watchful eyes. The birds sang all day. The freshly plowed earth smelled good on this Sunday morning just before the sun came up while the birds chirped sleepily. The pig called for breakfast, the baby calf called at this drowsy hour of the morning --- they brought me my third baby, a very fat pretty pink little dimpled faced boy. My Jimmie. Mrs. Jack Ballard was the only one here beside the Dr. She was so sweet and kind. I'll never forget her. She fixed breakfast and then dinner and such a good dinner. Custard pie. I'll never forget because I think it was the best I ever tasted. My baby. I couldn't think of a name to suit him. He was so sweet. So for over a year I called him Angel and Precious and I want him to always love me and to grow up an honest man and sometime to have little boys of his own to call me Granny. God bless and guide this little boy of mine that I love so much (Mother).

March 14, 1937
Yesterday was little Jimmie's birthday. He was eleven years old. He had a very nice day of it. Bob and Ralph were over for dinner. They all had a good laugh at the table --- each one had to let his belt out a bit, and eat some more. Mc, Ray and myself went to a move. Seen "Tarzan Escapes." Oh, I guess I like it or the animals a lot. Duane keeps pushing me and this is Monday morning and I'm very busy.

March 21, 1937
Went over to see the Coates family. Mrs. Coates eyes were filling with tears when the death of her Mother was mentioned. They carried Mc and me for a ride in their new car. We went by Mr. Coates' Mothers, then by his brothers, then Mrs. Coates Dad's. They had company. Two young people were there who had lovely red curly hair and very, very blue eyes. I enjoyed my ride home with my Mc. Had a lovely evening home with the children and to bed.

March 25, 1937
Today everything is all covered with snow. Children at school Mc at work. I'm cleaning my bedroom and fixed up my scrapbook a bit. Just listened to Gus Clark on the radio. I like his wise cracks and foolishness.

March 26, 1930 (copied from old diary)
Hello little book. It has been quite some time since I scribbled in you the last time. A lot of things have happened --- some sad and some glad. While I am writing my baby girl watches the bobbing of my pen. She is very bright-eyes and sweet. And I just did make staying here but I'm still here and have my baby's smile worth a million. Coreen lost her little boy. He loved his old Auntie and hugged my neck ever time I ever ask. Bless his little heart. Vonnie is gone. He is in Mississippi with Connie. She has pneumonia. I'm hoping she gets well. Time goes by so slow. I'm still lonesome and wanting to go home. I would just love to see Ma. I like Michigan bit it just isn't home and winter just don't seem to ever end. I'm kinda silly, I cry to myself pretty often and I don't very much any more. Thanks again for everything.

March 28, 1929 (old diary)
March and the snow lays piled heaps-drifts that are waist deep and the snow is still flying and the wind going sixty miles an hour and at home down in Dixie west they are farming, gardening, flowers are blooming, birds building nest and doing some tall singing while at it. And I'm still homesick and I don't guess I'll ever be any other way. I try but don't seem to do any good. Guess I don't try the right way. Thanks for it all.

March 14, 1940
Jimmie's birthday and I baked and decorated a very beautiful cake. He didn't have any party.

March 14, 1948
James in school. University of Mississippi. I miss him too.

March 20, 1948
Another march to remember. Ray, Jeanne, Rise and Mike came for a short visit from Suisun Air Base, Fairfield, Calif. Jeanne and children left for Mississippi. Ray to Japan.

March 1946
Ray, Jeanne and Rise left for Mississippi, Meridian. Wish they could like Michigan and live near home. It's lonesome without them.

March 31, 1940 Easter
The snow is very deep and is very cold. The children colored their eggs. I baked and decorated and Easter cake. Had the good dinner, ham and all. Ray and Jimmie bought me a lovely pot of flowers. Janet and Duane went to Sunday School all dressed up in their new Easter outfits.

Easter Sunday 1948
It's a sweet day to be remembered. The family are home. Jeanne colored the eggs. The Easter bunny visited Rise, Mike and Linda, left cute baskets of candy and a bunnie in each basket. I will always remember litle Rises and Mike watching their wax bunnie candle burning and them blowing.

Mem-Mac and I went to see "Gone with the Wind." It was very beautiful. I enjoyed it more than any picture I've ever seen, and I loved both Scarlette and Rhett Butler. Yes, and Mammy was a Duskey angel.

April 1, 1940
Oh, the children are playing April fool jokes on me every few minutes. I'm glad the day is over. Had a lot of fun though.

April 3, 1940 Flint, Mich. It rained today as I wrote this:
Spring again and rain
        Brings back memories
Of happiness, joy and pain.
        Fragrance of wild plum trees.

The spring again and rain.
        The spring again and rain.

Lilacs purple and ivory dewy wet
        Mr. & Mrs. Robin nesting there sing

Rainbow color at sunset
It's spring again and rain.
        Spring again and rain.

Tulips nodding their many colored heads
        Blue eyed violets along the wooded land
Hyacinths blue pink and brightest reds
        It's spring again and rain
        Spring again and rain.

Snowy white blooms covered the dogwood
Perfume of wild honeysuckle linger like real perfume
The maple trees capped in pearly hood

        It's spring again and rain
        Spring again and rain.

Apple trees pink and white
The bluebirds are back again
Batches of cherrie blossoms falling light
Cover green grass wet from rain
        It's spring again and rain.
This was my test try at writing poetry. Today I'm lonesome for the farm because it's planting time, I guess, and I always want to go South.

April 4, 1940
It is misting rain today. The children are at school. Mc is at work. Ray is working too. Jimmie felt proud of himself today. He dressed in his best. He was announcer for a program in school today.

April 5, 1940
It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining after the rain. It is cool. Fire feels good, Duane stayed home from school today just because he wanted to stay around with me. Somehow today I feel a little sorry I have burned my old diarys. I like to read of the happenings and weather of days gone by.

April 6, 1940
I'm planning on going over to Mr. and Mrs. Coates and help with fixing up their house. Their house was burned and everything they had. So I'll bake a cake and some pies and plan on a good dinner. We always like to eat at the Coates.

April 1, 1942
Had another letter today from my soldier laddie, saying finally arrived at Scott Field, Illinois and really went around the country to get there. From Keesler Field to Mobile, Ala. Mont B.Han, then to Chattanooga, Tenn. then Lousville, Ky across Indiana, Illinois to within 30 miles of St. Louis, Mo. Wasn't as nice as it was in Keesler Field but food 100% had chicken first day. And radio school was plenty hard. Had a bunch of Chinese officers with the sign of the dog on all over 'em and it's raining and muddy. Love, son Ray.

April 1942
Had a letter today saying I might try to come home April the 10th don't plan on it to much. I have a small picture I'm sending not much but here it is. The sun is out getting warm. I've been spading getting ready to sow grass around the barracks. Working hard. Love, Ray     p.s. he didn't get to come home.

April 15, 1942
saying Dear Mom and Dad -- spring has come to Scott Field at last. It's nice and warm and drying up the mud. I'm on nites for six weeks. Some boys fresh up from Mississippi says the leaves are out and flowers blooming and hot weather. Been in a great rush so excuse the short letter. Don't worry about me cause I'm in top condition. Love, Ray.

May 17, 1948
he's still in the Army and in Japan.

April 12, 1937
It was such a lovely day. I washed ever thing I could find. I was tired to but we went to the show to see "Garden of Allah." The coloring was beautiful. It was all very sad to me. Had a little card from Elota B. Announcing her graduation. I wish I could go down and see them. I've got to send her something. Jimmie went on a long hike -- patrol boys suppering in the woods. Good night.

April 19, 1937
Today is very beautiful. The sun is shining and I'm not doing my Monday morning washing. The boys didn't carry my water so I'll wait until tomorrow. Went to see "Born to Dance" that Elinor girl can wiggle her tootsies. I could watch her dance and never get tired. I'll go I'm listening to Bac' -- children I love the story and I love my Mc to and my babys to Pretty swell place to live -- this old world.

April 30, 1937
Today was a lovely day. I washed, ironed and mopped. Radio said rain tomorrow. The grass is turning green. The Detroit Tigers sure played a swell ball game today. It was the first game of the season. Gerald Walker, the Mississippian was a hero of todays game. They're all having lots of fun about his Georgia chain gang haircut. Here is luck to 'em hope they win the game this season. Goodnight 12:30 p.m.

April 21, 1937
Today was awful. It rained cats and dogs. I overslept this morning. It was such a grand morning for sleeping. The children didn't go to school this fore noon. I've been busy spare minutes crocheting a pillow top. It's almost done. Had quite a time learning how to crochet by directions all by myself. Mc is asleep. Guess I'll try and sleep some to. The children are all in bed asleep but Ray, he is at a friends house learning the new Lombardo song Boo-hoo. I still love Mc. 10:30 p.m.

May 3, 1937
What a nice day today. I washed and ironed and baked a birthday cake for my baby boy. He was six very big years old. He had his best friend over to eat with him. They had to let out their belts. He liked his birthday present his penny bottle best of all. He wants to go to school tomorrow because he said I'm six years old now and I'm ready to go to school. Ma

May 3, 1931 (copies from old diary) Flint, Michigan
Spring, in Michigan snow melting the frozen ground. All sloppy in the spring thaw. The little birds coming back North. Another day in my memory. The day my fifth baby was placed on my arm in his fluffy blue blanket. Awhile before the Spring sun went down Mc came and sat down by the bed and sat a long time with him in his arms and watched him make funny faces. Did you ever hold the little pink soft bundles with out wanting to squeeze 'em to death. What is any sweeter than little babys. My babys have all been sweet and to me they will always be my babys, and very sweet. God bless and keep you, my baby boy. I love you. Mother.

May 3, 1928 (copies from old diary) May. Spring in the South
The green leaves are falling off the tress and turning brown on the ground. The ground looks like fall in the North. The birds are gone back North but theres still plenty in Florida. On still warm sunny spring days you can hear the alligators calling and calling their mates. It's a lonesome call and I don't like listening to it. We picked big dew berries the vines on the ground the berries are always full of sand.

May 1928 (copied from old diary) Florida
We went fishing on the Swanee river. The river was running slowly down to the gulf muddy water. It is a very small river in places the limbs far over the banks and the gray moss hanging thick. It was cool and dark and there was lots of snakes but with Pat along we were not afraid. We visited an old colored woman. She lived near the Swanee. She raised turkey. The corn and things don't grow very tall. The land is poor. There are quite a few people here from the North. They mostly have poultry farms. I wish we had gone on to where Mc picked and packed oranges. When he was in Florida before in Tampa and Plant City. We talked of driving down to Ringling bro. Circus quarter but never did. They are here for the Winter. Well the bum little mill is still like it was when we made camp. We owe a $20.00 grocerie bill and have a $40.50 pay coming but can't collect it so Mr. Store man says no more groceries. We have enough groc. for a week by stretching it out, but have a $20.00 bill I've kept hid ever since the first day we made camp here. I don't like the looks of that mill from the first so I played safety first. Got to move soon and I don't want to go deeper in Florida. Guess because I've go no sense. Mc wants to go to Texas but if I'm gonna raise cotton I'm going back to Mississippi. I want to go north. Mc says we would freeze to death. But I think a Southerner would make it. So I've made up my mind. I'm Flint, Mich. Bound. It's a long road to travel when you've only $20 and today I feel as tho I never want to see the State of Florida again. I want to go home. (headed for Mississippi.) Well we made it. We traded the dumpy truck for a rattley of Dodge car and we're leaving Florida for Flint. I'm happy and thanks for everything. P.S. even Pat seems happy.