McIntoshes in Georgia

Our little family is living in Alpharetta, Georgia, in an apartment across the street from Dynamo Swim Club. Michael works as a Senior Lead Engineer (programmer) about 12 miles away, but everybody else works at Dynamo.

Donna is Director of Dynamo Swim School, and Rachel and Andrew are part-time instructors. Christopher, (an Eagle Scout), is a lifeguard and helps manage pools under contract to Dynamo. All three have been on the swim team, and Andrew and Rachel still swim competitively. We're still homeschooling, so everybody's schedule is quite flexible.

Rachel is finishing up high school, and is taking French at a Clayton College extention. She and Donna went to New York last year for Rachel's 17th birthday, and that was such a success, she's saving up out of her swim instructor earning to go to France next year. Rachel is a very mature teacher, and can manage instructors and parents, as well as teach kids of all ages. Some cry if she's not there.

Andrew also teaches so he has money to spend on guitars, amps, and pedals. He's working on his finger callouses and hand strength, so he can bend the kind of heavy strings Stevie Ray Vaughan used. Andrew's about 6' 1" now, and has a reasonable hope to be 6' 7". That will help his swimming, which is already good. He was one of seven in his category, 13-14 year old boys, selected to swim for Georgia at a meet in Houston in July. Georgia won the meet over 12 other teams from the Southeast. He returned home with a Mohawk, and his Mom made him downgrade it to a shaved head.

Iím a volunteer webmaster for the club website,, so everybody has a strong connect to the Swim Club, which is in the top handful of clubs in the country. We always have swimmers qualify for Olympics trials, and occasionally one or two make the team.

We've got a website, named after the plant badge of Clan Mackintosh, I've begun a family geneaology, which is out of date and incomplete. I'm starting to update it and add pictures. I've scanned some old photos and will be uploading those. If you have names and dates, pictures, anecdotes or stories, please send them and I'll try to get them onto the website.

The Hilton Head pictures are from August, 2005. The email address that forwards to wherever I am is An address that forwards to everybody in the family, at work and at home, is

August 2005 Hilton Head Vacation

Donna in the shade

Andrew coming in from the ocean

Michael on the Beach

Not Hilton Head

日本     マイケル

Christopher at home

Rachel wouldn't authorize
any beach photos,
so here's last August
in Colorado

Donna and Rachel
in New York,
February 2005

in Colorado

Two or three years ago, when Rachel was not yet six foot.

Continental Divide

in Colorado

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