Alexander J. McIntosh (1816-1905)

FATHER:    Neill McIntosh
MOTHER:    Mary Jackson
BORN:    13FEB 1816
BIRTH PLACE:    Moore County, North Carolina USA
DIED:   23MAY 1905
INTERRED:    Green Hill Cemetery, Murray County, Oklahoma


Mary Jane Bryd, 25OCT 1852, Hinds County, Mississippi. This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 0878756 - 0878772.
Mary Rymes, 25SEP 1855, Hinds County, Mississippi. This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 0878756 - 0878772.


SON: John A. McIntosh, Born 21SEP 1861, Terry, MS. Died 26MAY(21MAY?) 1901, Davis, OK (Green Hill Cem.)
John was in Banking with his sister Stella Pearl and her husband Moses Ferguson. Ran the bank in Davis, OK.

DAUGHTER: Mary Jane McIntosh Francis, Born 25FEB 1862, Terry, MS. Died 02DEC 1890 Terry, MS (County Line cem)
Married Samuel Williams Francis II in 1879 and had three children.

SON: Robert Thomas McIntosh, Born(?25SEP 1851) 1868, Terry, MS. Died 01MAY 1893, Davis, Murray Co.,OK (Indian Territory)

DAUGHTER: Ophelia Theodshia McIntosh Hennington, Born 03SEP 1869, Terry, MS. Died 10FEB 1920 Buried: OK
Great-Grandmother of Marie Duncan. Married Joseph I. Hennington of Copiah County, Crystal Springs, Miss. (1874 MS - 1946 TX).

DAUGHTER: Stella Pearl McIntosh Ferguson, Born 1873 Terry, MS. Died 1940 Davis, OK
Married Moses Cunningham Ferguson, four children.


1830 Census   Moore County, North Carolina. Alexander is one of the "ten and under fifteen" in the household of Neill and Mary. Neill is the 14th row.
1850 Census   Hinds County, Mississippi, living with the Byrds.
1860 Census   Mecklenburg, North Carolina. This may be some other Alexander.
1870 Census   Hinds County, Mississippi.

In the 1860 Mississippi Census, there were two Alexanders only. A 62 year old saddler, born in N.C., and living in Copiah County, and a 25 year old farmer living in Carroll County, born in Scotland, living in the household of John McCalister.

In the Old Scots Burying Ground is a headstone:
Cornelius McIntosh
Son of A. J. & Mary McIntosh Born in Mississippi
January 12th 1857
And died in North Carolina June 21st 1858.
Near the grave marker of Cornelius is this one:
Mary Jane Wife of William W. Hunsucker And
daughter of A. J. & E. (?) McIntosh Born April 13, 1836
Died October 10, 1866
William Hunsucker was 22 in the 1850 Census and living in the householdof William and Leah Bryant. His 20 y.o. brother was 3 houses away living inthe house of 63 y.o. Catherine Lawhon. This was a neighborhood full ofA.J. kin including most of his brothers.

There are a lot of bits of information here. Some are certainly correct, some dates may wrong, andsome facts may have to do with someone else entirely. Speculation ties together the parts:

1. At 10 years old A.J. is living at home (1830 NC Census)

2. At 20 years old A.J. and girlfriend have a daughter named Mary Jane (tombstone date 1836)

3. When Mary was concieved, Alexander J. was 19. Dad Neill sends A.J. to Mississippi with two slaves to live with relatives for awhile (Family tradition says this happened when he was around 15. He could have been older when he left than people thought.)

4. A.J. is a 34 y.o. boarder with the Byrd family back in Mississippi (1850 MS Census)

5. Saul and Sarah Byrd have a 13 year old daughter, Mary, who A.J. marries two years later, 25OCT 1852, when he's 36 and she's 15 (1852 marriage record)

6. Three years later, 25SEP 1855, A. J. marries Mary Jane Rhymes, someone more his ownage. Only 14 years younger, not 21. (1855 marriage record).

7. On 12JAN 1857, in Mississippi, Cornelius is born to A.J. and Mary (grave marker).

8. A year and a half later, on 21JUN 1858, Cornelius dies, and is buried in the familycemetery in North Carolina (grave marker).

9. In 1870 he's home in Hinds County, Mississippi, with Mary Rhymes, and children John (1860), Mary J. (1862), Robert (1868) and Ophelia (1869) (1870 MS Census).

mini biography

from Marie Duncan Vincze:

I have one or two small pictures of Alex J. Mcintosh on the front porch in Terry with relatives and he too was a large man, of thin frame, black haired. My Uncle had the ears that stood out and for all our looking we could never find anyone else that had ears like him or his children. But they were a trait I suspect now might have been from the McIntosh side since reading your added note.

Alexander "Alex" J. McIntosh lived with daughter after wife's death. I have heard the older side of the family refer to Alex as the old scot yet still no one knows any more info. It is by word of mouth we know he came from Ashton, N.C. with two to four black slaves to Terry, Miss. where he built a cotton plantation before marrying a local girl. (He had to have been about age 14 when he arrived in Miss.) He married Mary Rhymes and they had issue.

My Great grandmother, his daughter, Ophelia Thedoshia McIntosh (Died; Ok 1920 of Phemonia) had 5-7 children at the time of the divorce and gave birth to another shortly after the divorce. Out of these children comes my maternial grandmother, Jewel Ione Hennington born Oct. 1909 Davis, I.T.,Ok. (a 2 1/2 pound Twin to Joseph I. Hennington)... both deceased. Jewel died Nov. 1983 in Lufkin, Tx. She had two children: Ruby and Joseph A. Cartwright. Ruby is my mother. She had five children from three marriages, I'm from her first marriage and am the mother of 7 children(2 deceased).

( Notes from Michael McIntosh: Alexander's father Neill back in Moore County, NC, had 7-8 slaves at the time his son was stillat home. NC Census. It's probable that his middle initial "J" is forJackson. At least two of his older brothers have that middle name. His mother was Mary Jackson, of a prominent family: the Jacksons President Andrew Jackson comes from. )

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Michael D. McIntosh