Neill McIntosh (1772-1846)

FATHER:    Alexander McIntosh
MOTHER:    Mary McIntosh
BORN:    06JAN 1772 Old Christmas Day
BIRTH PLACE:    Isle of Skye, Scotland
DIED:   29JUN 1846
INTERRED:    the Old Scots Burying Ground near Carthage, North Carolina USA


Married to Mary Jackson of Moore County, N. C. around 1799


SON: John Jackson McIntosh born 11DEC 1802
DAUGHTER: Christian McIntosh Milton born 1805
SON: William Jackson McIntosh born 1806
DAUGHTER: Ruthey Ann McIntosh Seawell
SON: Duncan McIntosh born 1812
SON: Alexander J. McIntosh born 1816. Moved to Terry, Mississippi around 1860, then to Oklahoma
SON: George Washington McIntosh born 1818
DAUGHTER: Mary McIntosh McCaskill born 1820
SON: Samuel McIntosh born 1820
DAUGHTER: Martha McIntosh Seawell born 1823
SON: Daniel McIntosh born 1856


1830 Census    Moore County, North Carolina
1840 Census    Moore County, North Carolina

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from a memoir by Duane E. McIntosh:

Neill, born "Old Christmas Day" (January 6) 1772 on the Isle of Skye Scotland. died 29JUN 1846, age 74 years, 5 months and 23 days. Neill is buried in the Old Scots Burying Ground near Carthage. He married and settled on Richland Creek beginning about 1799, he also purchased land on McClendon's Creek. Neil McIntosh was well known in the community and considerable additonal information concerning him can be found in Rassie Wicker's "Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore County, N. C." Neill's wife was Mary Jackson (b.26AUG 1782, died 29MAY 1855) age 72 years, 9 months and 3 days, her grave is next to her husbands. Mary married Neill about 1799. She was the daughter of William Jackson who lived on Little Juniper Creek about 10 miles southwest of Carthage. William Jackson had a brother Samuel who also had a daughter Mary; she married Neill's brother Alexander.

Neill and Mary had 12 children, the ages of some, I do not have. The order in which they appear does not intend to accurately indicate their order of birth. Mary was 43 years of age when she had her last child, Daniel, and "idiot". Daniel lived with his mother until she passed away.

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