George Washington McIntosh (1818-1885)

FATHER:    Neill McIntosh
MOTHER:    Mary Jackson
BORN:    26FEB 1818
BIRTH PLACE:    Carthage, North Carolina USA
DIED:   15DEC 1885
INTERRED:    Shiloh Cemetery, near Eggville, Mississippi


Married to Susanna Ritter of Moore County, N. C.


DAUGHTER:    Mary Jane McIntosh Ritter born 22MAY 1850
SON:       John Alexander McIntosh born 12FEB 1852
SON:       Neill William "C.W." McIntosh born 15OCT 1855
DAUGHTER:    Martha McIntosh born 1859
SON:       George William McIntosh born 30JUN 1870


1830 Census   Moore County, North Carolina. George is one of the "ten and under fifteen" in the household of Neill and Mary. Neill is the 14th row.
1840 Census   Moore County. George is "20 & Under 30".
1850 Census   Moore County. George is 32, Susannah is 19, & Mary J. is 1.
1860 Census   Itawamba County, Mississippi
1870 Census   Hinds County, Mississippi
1880 Census   Lee County, Mississippi. Geo., Susanna E., Lula, and Geo. W.

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from a memoir by Duane E. McIntosh:

George Washington, b.26 Febuary 1818 at his father's home near Carthage, d.15December 1885 near Ratliff Mississippi. He is buried in Shiloh Cemetery, nearEggville. George married Susanna Ritter, daughter of John R. and Mary Ritter ofMoore County, N.C. She was born the 20th of April 1830, and died the 28th of April1900. Susanna (so spelled on her marker) is buried beside her husband in ShilohCemetry.

George left N.C. under a cloud, he had been accused of passing counterfiet money, ashad several other Moore County men including his wife's father, who had been foundguilty of the offense. Several others (named in existing county court records), had chargesdismissed against then, in exhange for "giving evidence against George McIntosh". What everthe truth of the matter may be, this was never mentioned within the family in Mississippi, itwas understood that there was some reason for moving to Mississippi that was only hinted at,never discussed. In several old letters from Susanna's Mother, it was obvious that there wassome sort of a problem, the nature of which was never revealed.

George and his small family are listed in a census conducted in 1853 by Itawamba County,Mississippi. Court records place him in N.C. in the fall of 1852, and other ItawambaCounty records place him there until at least 1860. I have been unable to determine exactlywhen George move to Terry, Mississippi but I thnk that it was not until shortly before his youngest son George William was born, as he is recorded dealing in property until 1869.

His family is listed in the 1870 census, living at Terry. Itawamba County tax records place him back there in 1871. George lived near what is now the dividing line of Lee and ItawambaCounties, records of both must be searched in order to insure complete coverage for OldItawamba County.

The great loss of records due to the war has thus far prevented my determining with certainty,where the family spent the war years.

My Grandfather, George William McIntosh, told his children that his father "had served in theConfederate Army as a teamster, hauling artillery and the like", and had been captured atVicksburg. There are records for George, but the same set of records also bear the name ofGregor. This is another problem I leave to a future researcher.

George and Susanna farmed, and had held two slaves, which were wedding presents from theRitters, I do not know whether they brought them to Mississippi or not.

The McIntoshes were well respected in the communities in which they lived, one and all, asgood, honest, citizens. The same can still be said of the descendants by other names whostill live in the communities of Mooresville, Mantachie, Centerville and others.

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