John McIntosh (17xx -    )

FATHER:    Alexander McIntosh
MOTHER:    Mary McIntosh
BORN:    unknown
BIRTH PLACE:    Scotland
DIED:   unknown
INTERRED:    the Old Scots Burying Ground near Carthage, North Carolina USA



mini biography

from a memoir by Duane E. McIntosh:

John, born Scotland... died Moore County N.C. ... No known issue and no known spouse. There is an old native red sandstone marker in the McIntosh plot, said by Alexander ( to be that of John, this was written in the "McIntosh Memoranda" in 1933 and was related by Alexander to my relatives, while viewing the stone in 1936. It is clear that the moss covering the inscription on the stone had not been removed in this gentlemans time, and he was just repeating what had been handed down to him.

I also think that John married. There are just enough "unaccountable" McIntoshes around Richland and McClendon's Creeks to justify another source. For example, Alexander McIntosh who rests in the McIntosh plot, b. 1810, d. 1849. This was neither Neill McIntosh's child nor Alexander McIntosh's child. They both produced Alexanders, but not this one. The date of death is not in error, John Jackson McIntosh makes application to act as executor of his estate, and confirms the date. This is but one example, there are others who seem more tied to the Carthage McIntoshes, than those over in Lee County

Notes by Michael D. McIntosh:

I visited an "OLD SCOTS BURYING GROUND" near Carthage, Moore County, N.C., in 1989 and found a rough marker labeled simply: "JOHN A MCINTOSH" - no dates. Could this be the marker referred to above?

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Michael D. McIntosh