John Jackson McIntosh (1802-1870)

FATHER:    Neill McIntosh
MOTHER:    Mary Jackson
BORN:    11DEC 1802
BIRTH PLACE:    near Carthage, North Carolina USA
DIED:   18JUL 1870
INTERRED:    "OLD SCOTS BURYING GROUND" near Carthage, Moore County, N.C.


Married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Sewell in 1829 in Moore County


DAUGHTER:    Nancy Carolinia McIntosh born 1830, died 1848
DAUGHTER:    Mary McIntosh born 13APR 1836, died 10OCT 1860
DAUGHTER:    Martha McIntosh born 1837, died 1848
SON:       Neill McIntosh born 1841, died 1908
SON:       Asa Seawell McIntosh born 23MAY 1842, died 30MAY 1895
SON:       Alexander McIntosh born 1843, died 1862
SON:       William A. J. McIntosh born 1846, died 1862
DAUGHTER:    Ruth A. McIntosh born 04DEC 1848, died 09MAR 1913
DAUGHTER:    Elizabeth McIntosh born 1849
SON:       Samuel Russel (James?) McIntosh born 1850, died 1917
DAUGHTER:    Lydia McIntosh born 20SEP1851, died 13DEC 1928
SON:       John Jackson McIntosh, Jr. born 02NOV 1854

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from a memoir by Duane E. McIntosh:

He is was very active in the affairs of the community and is to be found involved in many, many legal suits in the county. The Court Records of Moore County are fruitful grounds for any researcher of John.

When his father died, John purchased the shares of land allotted to several of his brothers and sisters and continued farming on the old Neill McIntosh lands on Richland/McClendon's Creeks. John married Elizabeth Sowell, they had 10 children.

Data augmented from Linda Harmon info found on RootsWeb (by MDM):

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