This genealogy is chiefly concerned with the family of Alexander McIntosh, who left the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in 1772 or 1773, and settled in Moore County, North Carolina USA. Nearly all the information here in July 2000 came from the research of Duane Edward McIntosh, a great, great, great grandson.

Michael Duane McIntosh, nephew of Duane, is the one responsible for this material being on the internet. Please bring to my attention, via email ( or otherwise, any inaccuracies or things deemed inappropriate for this kind of publication. It is my hope that this family information will draw out more, so that the picture can be more complete.


Memoranda of the McIntosh Family, Cemeteries, and other resources.

In addition to the basic factual data, oral traditions are here preserved which will give some insight into the life and character of these men and women. The more distant in time the individual, the more complete we've tried to be.

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This feature is used mostly for individuals now deceased, to preserve for their descendents the example of their lives.

Because the last several generations show a good deal of geographical movement, some biographical information is provided to fix these individuals to a place in time, for identification purposes.

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